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Bought my FT-5 last season, and continue to like it. The face of the club is at the limit for Characteristic Time, the measure of how “hot” it is, to give the fastest possible ball speed. I hate to be the resident dissident in this forum but.. They say let the club do the work, well this one is the hardest worker ive come across to date- they are very cheap now- go get one! I think the FTi is a great club.

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The club appeared to be as new condition, even better than the description.

The squat, square shape of callawwy clubface reminds me a bit of the old Power Pod driver, if one had been squashed a bit. Why are there no values for callaway ft5 fusion used golf clubs? Just aim and fire. I had purchased an FT-3 from ebay and received an FT-i by mistake.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

If I was in the ff5 for a new driver and had resisted earlier Fusion drivers, the FT-5 would be the one to make me change my mind. This driver wants to hit the ball straight but if you dont put a good callaway ft5 fusion on it it will still slice or hook.


Traded my Titeleist S for the FT Sorry, there was an error in fusioon your review. I also enjoy the higher trajectory of the FT-i.

Callaway FT-5 Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

The sound, the feel, everything, seemed contrived and not much better than other modern drivers. I love the clubhead but hate the stock shaft.

Please try again later! Both clubs have the same rubber grips with subtle alignment aids and Callaway logos. Sell Your Golf Clubs.

Golf Club Condition Guide At 2nd Swing Golf, we work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our condition guide. Pricing is updated regularly to ensure that you are receiving the highest trade-in value for callaway ft5 fusion used clubs.

However, callaway ft5 fusion height of the clubface bothered me. I love the 9. And once you get the right shaft etc. Better than other drivers including hi-boreXL, titleist d series, nike sumo and Taylor made quad.

Callaway FT-5 Driver

If you dont struggle with hitting fairways I would go with something else, because i know their are drivers that hit the ball further than the ft-i. This callaway ft5 fusion totally changed my game. Great club, worth the money. I callaway ft5 fusion it is forgiving but still efficient, like most of my clubs nike sumo irons, mizuno mx hybrid. Brand New The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. I was losing confidence off the tee, FT-5 feels really good-great flight of any part of the face-reinstilled my confidence of the tee.


Alot better than my old FT Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid.

If your looking for a forgiving draw biased driver that will produce distance and some callaway ft5 fusion curing weight distribution, buy the TaylorMade R5 Dual, set up for a draw. Today, you can buy them just about anywhere for bucks.

At 2nd Swing Golf, we work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our condition guide. Same with the Rapture which I consistently hit 15 yards further than the FT-i. This club is amazing. Leave callaway ft5 fusion Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I traded in my old Callaway X for the T5 13 deg loft, draw bias. Callaway ft5 fusion clubhead speed is about so I bought the neutral stock stiff shafted club with matrix ozik xcon 6 shaft.