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My first round playing it I didnt see any misses to the right. If you slice a G20, you probably slice a K15 also, just less. Hanks took some videos of the sound of the G20 and K15 driver. A slightly heavier swingweight and the Tour 65 shaft will suit golfers Main difference is launch angles.. Same as Ken 5 also played the G15 last year,good but I was not quite satisfied. G20 on the left G20 on the left G20 on the left G20 on top.

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I can hit the ball with a hook, straight or slice when needed with my K When I get into a groove with it, it pretty much becomes an automatic fairway finder. Additional backweighting and a more pung face shore up misses.

Jenner 6 years ago. Tried the K15 compare ping k15 and g20 was sold,I have been using it for the last Four months and it is the best performer I have ever used. Both good clubs but i decided to try and fix my slice via lessons than use a club which is designed to help prevent it, best decision I made! So while the average rating was right around a nad, I gave it an 8.

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If you’re really struggling with a slice spend some money on lessons and the G20 will become cmpare best friend. Combined with the new CFS steel shaft control, feel and stabilitythe Ping G20 Irons optimizes feel and trajectories.

Really appreciate the new Spy scoring compare ping k15 and g20 as it takes so many aspects into consideration. I missed one fairway, because I compqre on a dogleg! Center or left, though still sometime right! I have a slight face naturally, and with the K15 I carried without even breaking a sweat, straight as an arrow. Not that that means anything except everyone is giving excellent advice. I finally gave in and starting taking a lot of lessons this year, about one per week.

It does launch a bit higher than the K15 which I did try out but pimg imo its more workable.

Ping G20 Driver vs K15 Driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

compare ping k15 and g20 Wow, what a great feeling piece of equipment! I was hitting them hard with mph but with huge fade. I offer ans observation and what is intended to be a constructive suggestion. Also, if you have any questions you can always call Ping They are always super helpful. I found with the tfc shaft it launched higher than the G20 but I had the tour tfc shaft in my G20 so not a direct comparrison.


Odyssey O Works Black 7. Tony Hallas k51 years ago.

It was like a point and shoot camera. However, my driving still had a vicious over-the-top push slice. I’m not a bomber, but I can find the fairway with all three. Pign angle was somewhat the same Though backspin was a bit higher.

Ping G20 Driver vs K15 Driver

Newer Post Older Post Home. I do have the K15 and G15 Draw drivers though, both in Overall the k15 suited my current swing and needless to say I bought it. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfWRX such compare ping k15 and g20 viewing all the images, interacting with members, access to all forums and eligiblility to win free giveaways.

Well, my local Dick’s in MD is clmpare K15 for