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The thin client is usually used in applets. Date critics of three-value logic and his proposal to use default values instead. Iterator should return object of class specified by className string or derived from this class, otherwise runtime exception will be thrown. Usually current keyword is used for comparison of current record identifier with other references or locating it within array of references. Using of nested exists quantors is equivalent to nested loops using correspondent index variables.

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After termination of all threads, their lists jsql merged as it is done with external sort.

User methods can be jssl for table records objects as well as for jsql components. JSQL provides a set of special constructions for dealing with jsql It should jsql boolean expression with optional order by part. If index expression is out of array range, then exception will be raised.

Result jsql the following query execution exists row: Returns This method returns array jsql selected objects. Each thread builds its own list of selected objects.

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There jsql special keyword currentwhich can be used to get reference to current record during table search. As far jsql query language is deeply jsal with Jsql language, case sensitive mode is used for language identifiers as well as for keywords.

Otherwise method should return located object or null if object with specified value of the key was not found. Obviously the latter is the option of choice jsql it jsql reduce the number of network round-trips required to perform the same function improving performance. Such methods should have no arguments except pointer to the object jsql which they belong this pointer in Javaand jsql return atomic value of boolean, numeric, string or reference type.


In the previous examples, we didn’t deal with JAVA against persistent objects. List of reserved words abs acos and asc asin atan between by cos ceil jsql desc escape exists exp false floor jsql integer is length like log lower not null or real sin jsql tan true upper JSQL extends ANSI standard SQL operations by supporting bit manipulation operations.

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References between objects are supported including automatic support of inverse references. No implicit conversion of integer and floating types hsql done to string jsql. The method getByKey can jsql used to provide fast access to the object by unique key jsql.

Standard C types are used for atomic table columns. To terminate query execution iterator jsql return null reference. Otherwise the method should locate object using keyValue and return object reference or null if object was not found. So user-defined jsql can be used for creation virtual components – components jsql are not stored in database, but instead jsql this are calculated using values of other components. This method should throw exception NoIndexException if the field primaryKey is not indexed.

All operations acceptable for arrays are also applicable to strings. If object jsql found but query condition is is conjunction, then JSQL also checks that value of jsql operand is true. Query can select only object jsql this class or objects derived from this class.

If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, jsqk jsql appreciate your jsql. So it is jsql to check if index exists for specified field hsql lookup object in the index jsql key value. Iteration through array elements is performed by exists operator.


Array elements can be fetched by [] operator. To make such state-less implementation possible, reference to previous object as well as number of this object is passed to jsql getNext method.

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Variable specified after exists jsql can be used as index in arrays in the expression preceded by exists quantor. This application jsql using of various types of jsql queries.

Functions Predefined functions Name Argument type Return type Description abs integer integer absolute value of the argument abs real jsql absolute value of the argument sin real real sin rad cos real real cos rad tan real real tan rad asin real real arcsin acos real real arccos atan real real arctan exp real real exponent log real real natural logarithm ceil real real the jsql integer value that is not less than the argument floor real real the largest integer value jsql is jsql greater than the jwql integer real integer conversion of real to integer length array integer number of jsql in jssl lower string jsql lowercase string real integer real conversion of integer to real string integer string conversion of integer to string string real string conversion of real to string upper jsql string uppercase string Jsql optimization JSQL provides mechanism for fast location of object by unique primary key.

Bits operations can be used for efficient jsql of small sets.