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All in all i recommend this printer 1. I bought it because i needed a printer,it was cheap but it said it was in good working order. I rang then up and they said to download the driver off the internet At home I haven’t missed the scanner at all, but ironically it has found its way to my office desk this morning as I have a load of scanning to do! It enters in the device manager as an unknown device USB hub with a yellow Question mark.

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It is in a good working condition. I got a free lexmark with a new comp I bought If it prints black and no color, its your Cartridge. Anyone any ideas or does it need a repair? The contact points in the carridge the thing in the printer that your cartriges clip into can become dirty and therefore it does not make contact with the cartridges. No message has pops up, have no idea what to do.

I’ve missed placed my copy and previously someone else install it for me. My lexmark x leaves black lines down scanned copy why lexmark x1180 all in one know. Lexmark x1180 all in one really are the most expensive printer to run! Given these reasons, in terms of printing quality, speed, features etc I can’t comment on the printer.

Cleaning the carriage and cartridge failed to cure it but a new black cartridge did the job.


The Canon prints faster, better and for less than half the price per page! I re installed it and the printer software recognized that I had changed the cartridge so I selected the relevant option of saying it was a new cartridge installed. All in all i recommend this printer 1. I am trying all ways to lexmark x1180 all in one my X but it will not comply. I disconnected it from the drive and eventually it came on. If all had been supplied I might know whether it works. I did a live chat with Lexmark customer service they really help – Anonymous.

Let me know so that i can give you lexmark x1180 all in one direct link to the download – Anonymous.

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Great product, great price! Lexmark x1180 all in one was jammed and ever since power bottom keeps flashing and computer sayng printer not communicating, I notced that someone else had a similar problem. All in all i recommend this printer. They sort that out if you take it into the lexmark x1180 all in one where they refill the cartridges llexmark Cartridge World etc.

I also had another new colour cartridge on order and when that sll I tried that but again no colour. I have a problem installing my X on me Evesham Evolution which is top of the range and running windows XP home.

I like the compactness of the printer. Sorry I cant help and thanks for letting me ge that off my chest.


Works like a charm. I bought it because i needed a printer,it was cheap but it said it was in good working order. I had the same problem. It includes Feedback about the seller. I thought that this could be because I was being a cheapskate by trying to re use the cartridge by re filling it, so I went out and bought a new colour cartridge, installed this and still the same problem.

I did a couple of prints and it was fine, lexmark x1180 all in one then the colour started going funny and eventually stopped printing in colour.

Lexmark X1180 All in 1

I’ve got a feeling I may have touched something on the cartridge which I should not have, reading these posts Maybe thats why they are so al to buy!

Re-installed from disc half dozen times, lexmark x1180 all in one updated drivers from lexmark site, totally stripped down printer can find nothing wrong, rebuilt, still the same, incidentally this is the replacement for another that stopped printing needless to say no more lexmark products for me. Please sign in to comment.