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It fires off eight different applications using scripts. All of the times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. By looking at the picture below you can see the drive’s IDE interface, power connector and audio output connectors. Verbatim CD-R – 20 minutes. With this in mind, I give the installation an 8 out of a possible I’ve put them in every computer in the house.

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Te latest offering is HS0D.

Hopefully, Lite-On can fix this in a future firmware update. For this test I used a pressed CD containing one Mode 1 data track. For this test I made a copy of a pressed test CD. Testing a drive’s DVD lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s quality isn’t easy. However, because it dvrrw with an ECC sum of 8, a higher number of PIF errors is acceptable, as long as they do not exceed These are some common tools used to work on this device.

Lite-On SHMH6S DVD+/-RW Dual +/- Layer Drive Specs – CNET

Exact Audio Copy can tell us a lot about a lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s capabilities. I created my own personal, LightScribe label a few days ago and it turned out awesome.

The first of these contains shk-165h6s number of different applications from Nero. While not as fast as the drive from LG, it reached a respectable 8. Before you can do this though, you will need to choose the contrast.


Lite-On LightScribe SHM-165H6S Repair

To find out, I retested some of the more problematic media with it enabled. To make a long story short, I am using a 4. For this test I used Pure Funk. Where can I get the correct firmware for this lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s. litw

LiteOn SHMH6S Specs – CNET

For these tests, Hyper Tuning and OverSpeed were left disabled. For this test I made a copy of our pressed test CD. For testing purposes, we created a few discs using Verbatim’s LightScribe v1.

This helps to squeeze the maximum performance out of the CD. By looking at the KProbe screenshots, you can see that the discs lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s by the drive had a low number of C1 errors and there were no C2 errors at all. When testing the ltie capacity, it had no problems overburning up to 99 minutes with our CompUSA media.

The manual also spends a few pages going over the locations and the functions of the buttons and connectors located on the front and back of the drive.

While Lite-On’s new writer had no problems reaching this speed in our tests, it was still the slowest out of the four drives here.

From there, it’s as easy as entering the serial number, choosing the location where you want to install the program and then waiting for the files to be copied over. Just select “Optical Drive” and the model. It has a wide variety of reading and writing speeds and formats. The connector on the far left is the digital audio output. Lite-On’s new drive was also fairly quick when reading dual layer discs.


All of the times below include not only lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. dvdr

Lite-On SHM-165H6S DVD Writer

If you have autorun enabled, the installation menu will come up when you insert the CD. The Movie and Star Wars: This update lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s be downloaded from Nero or the LightScribe website.

Inserting the disc with the label side down, it took 18 minutes for it to complete. Dvddw a disc is written at a higher than normal speed, HyperTuning will automatically create a new writing strategy for it. lite on dvdrw shm-165h6s