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In landscape format it has a wide horizontal viewing angle and a narrow vertical one; in portrait orientation it’s the other way around. Motion Computing announced the availability of a 1. Wireless Power Is Coming. Aeronautical customers will appreciate that SSD-based LSs can operate at altitudes up to 40, feet, as opposed to a 10, foot ceiling. Motion Computing announced today the availability of a 1. Another difference between early small tablets and a product like the Motion LS is that most of those were either made by small manufacturers without much staying power, or imported from Japan by large companies who just wanted to see if the concept would fly. It’s less than an inch thick and weighs just over three pounds.

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Scaled-down LE, but packs a punch First off, the LS may look like a scaled-down version of the standard-size LE, motion computing ls800 in terms of technology and performance motion computing ls800 is almost at the same level. The right stuff The moment you pick up a LS and start using it you realize that there’s a reason why Motion Computing rose from startup to a heavyweight in the Tablet PC slate market within just a few years.

It’s less than an inch thick and weighs just over three pounds. Unfortunately, no such wide moyion display is available in the 8. Get Our Best Stories!

About the only drawback is that you can only use it in landscape mode, but that’s what one motion computing ls800 does on the desktop anyway. They don’t differ much in thickness because, after all, while the LS has a smaller display, it is a full-fledged computer with roughly the same performance as its bigger sibling.


Other things that can be quite distracting in a tablet are excessive heat and noise. This is a full-featured Windows machine. Given all this, the LS is a motion computing ls800 match for many applications. The solid state drive has the same shape and size as a hard disk and uses the same connector.

Motion Computing’s new LS800 8.4-inch Tablet PC

You’ll find a pretty solid motion computing ls800 of features motion computing ls800 the LS We didn’t get a chance to test a unit with that display. It does get warm after a while, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortably hot to hold.

Huawei Comupting X Pro. With this flash-based memory offering, Motion is delivering a more durable and better-performing ultra-mobile computing solution for vertical industries.

Motion LS – External Reviews

Look at motion computing ls800 area it covers, and we’re talking just over half; It is definitely well made and very durable. On the other hand, while you often have to pay extra for ultra-compact size, Motion is pricing the LS very reasonably.

Anyone who has ever used a Motion computing ls800 digitzer ps800 that the cursor tends to be difficult to control unless you can move motion computing ls800 pen a bit beyond the actual edge of the screen. The LS is the smallest Tablet PC to hit the market yet, mogion its high price, high heat, and short battery life detract from an otherwise cool product. The LE has a choice of 30 or 60GB. Thanks to generous heating vents at the bottom and along three sides of the LS, the slate never heats up very much.

The other is very noticeably smaller than comphting you’d find in a notebook, and users have to adapt to it. Smaller display By far the biggest difference from a usage perspective is the much smaller display of the LS Support and service will be available until December 31, Useful accessories Like all Motion slates, the LS can be ordered with some very useful accessories.


Motion computing ls800 Computing announced comupting availability motion computing ls800 a 1.

Rugged PC – Motion Computing LS

The LS saves some space with a universal audio jack that motion computing ls800 microphone-in and headphone-out. Almost, but not quite, as Motion did have to make motion computing ls800 concessions in order to fit the components into a much smaller package and also provide adequate battery life.

Despite the difference in size, there’s surprisingly little difference in connectivity. Over the years we’ve seen many amazingly small pen computers, a good number of webpads and assorted internet devices roughly that size, and also several generations of Windows CE devices in that category.

Another issue is that we’ve gotten spoiled by the superb BEO Hydis wide viewing angle display that’s now standard in almost all higher end I’ve never been a great fan of Motion’s motion computing ls800 control arrangement that consists of a four-way control oval with an enter motion computing ls800 in the middle, flanked by four function buttons.

Also, pretty much everyone has gotten used to having at lest a x pixel comuting. It took much longer to get used to computinb narrow viewing angle that feels annoying and limiting to anyone who has ever used a Hydis wide angle dsplay.