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For each LUN, only one path is chosen at a time. The administrator defines the active path. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. That provides enough paths for our load balancing and redundancy, while keeping things clean and not reporting too many paths. We use this field to detect spam bots. Step by step instructions on how to build a complete NetApp lab, all on your laptop for free.

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Other paths are marked as non-optimized paths. Here, the administrator defines a subset of paths. Without MPIO the client operating system may treat each path as a separate disk.

Windows or Windows Clustered. Solaris Version 11 or later. The host context agent sends the host topology to the storage controllers only once, and any subsequent changes made in SANtricity Storage Manager is persisted.

There was an error submitting your subscription. That provides enough paths for our load balancing and redundancy, while keeping things clean and not reporting too many paths. It can load balance between the paths using whichever one has got the smallest current kpio queue right now. This also sets recommended SAN parameters such as timers on your host computer, and on certain host bus adapters. Optimized Path 1 shown in bold green in the diagram above terminates on Node 1 and is via the Fabric A switch.


Installing and Configuring Host Utilities. We use this field to detect spam bots. Solaris Version 10 or earlier. With Selective LUN Mapping enabled, as it is by default, the host will learn just those four paths, and it mpjo prefer the optimized paths that terminate on Node 1. The mpi type should be set netxpp another selection that is configured for the host OS and multipath driver being used.

This provides load balancing and redundancy. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Or you could install neither and still be able to connect to your NetApp storage from the Windows client.

Overview of multipath drivers. The next available policy is Least Weighted Paths. Default host type that should only be used during initial configuration. Click on the Sign In link, then log into the Support site.

NetApp SAN Utilities Tutorial – MPIO, DSM, SLM and Host Utilities

Based on the host topology, the storage controllers automatically netwpp the host and the associated host ports, and set the host type. The administrator defines the active path.

Current Windows versions have full NetApp support so you can use either. Here, the administrator defines weight on the available paths.


Multipathing options supported by the Host Utilities

Previously to version 8. The DSM includes storage system specific intelligence needed to identify paths and to manage path failure and recovery. Next is Round Robin with Subset.

If you have configured a single LUN for a client but you see it reporting multiple identical disks then you have a multipathing configuration issue on the host itself that you need to fix. The next available option is Round Robin. To download the software, just visit www. Linux Symantec Storage Foundations. Your email address will never be shared. For example, if we had Fabric A and Fabric B, and each node is connected to both Fabrics, and we had four nodes, with Selective LUN Mapping we will have two optimized paths terminating on the node that owns the LUN, two non-optimized paths that terminate on the HA partner, and the four paths on the other two nodes would not be reporting.

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