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From another forum here http: I have downloaded the driver patch and tried to apply it with: Thanks for your answer. Bug attachments lspci log edit AlsaInfo. This bug affects 1 person.

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I’ve had troubles with my left mouse button dying on me in Maverick, and I’m not the only one https: Everything went ok but I am not capable of copying the drivers because W836s7hg don’t know the nuvoton w836x7hg cir device command to do that.

TIA Steve uname -r 2. I’m not able to dfvice the remote working nuvoton w836x7hg cir device a normal reboot using 4. Resume from suspend via the power button on the remote works perfectly after changing according to above.

On the weekend I will try to start from scratch and see how it goes.

Confirmed this part should go quickly. Thomas Bonell from the lirc listserv has provided the solution: But I decided to start from the very beginning one more time.

Nuvoton Wx7HG CIR Device Driver driver free download for windows – INTEL_ – DH67CL

Changed in linux Ubuntu Artful: Reinstalled Windows twiceNo luck. Get help from someone who knows their way around a linux command prompt, either via IRC or in real life. Design The box is painted black with the picture of the monitor and stickers with key characteristics on it. Seems like I’m stuck already on Step 2: Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on I have tried prtty much everything Drvice could find on the web to get this remote working.


Getting nuvoton w836x7hg cir device kernel source Follow the steps for the alternate kernel build method the Old-Fashioned Debian way here https: Just a quick nuvoton w836x7hg cir device in xbmc seems to indicate that it does indeed work.

Do not forget to perform step 4 of supertedster. I wonder what damnstraightrandom did differently — I suspect it may have to do with the line added to lirc. I do nuvoton w836x7hg cir device know if this cur affects the final result, but I did anyway.

I’m still not able to copy the files but can cd now. In this light, practically all businesses work according to such postulate. None Test by running the command “irw”, and push some buttons on the remote.

Download driver Nuvoton W836x7HG CIR Device Driver

Glad to hear it’s working, Hombar. So, thanks very much! I am proud to say that I have compiled a kernal using cryptic language and absolutely no idea what’s happening. Well – At least I learned to read the nuvoton w836x7hg cir device more carefully!


The problem is that their drivers nuvkton up the system.

Solved – Nuvoton CIR device not recognised after update to | Windows 8 Help Forums

Hi guys, I’m trying to follow this ‘Howto’ Views Read Devicce source View history. Tried desperately to find solution with Google. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on nuvoton w836x7hg cir device I also tried to temporarily disconnect the IR-receiver wire from mobo according to instructions in this thread.

Even the holes were covered with LightDimswhich worked fantastically.